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Reappear Gorgeous Memories

Lay-Flat YiMemoryBook

Squared YiMemoryBook Photobook 相片書 印憶本

Multiple Size of Lay-Flat Binding

6"/8"/12" Squared-Photobook. A special spec, clear at a glance in your bookshelf.

Various Kinds of Covers

Photo frame with choice of colours, or fill-up photo on your covers are all possible!

Squared YiMemoryBook Photobook 相片書 印憶本
YiMemoryBook APP Photobook Timeline 印憶本

An Outstanding Auto Layout

Through the AI algorithm, your photos are presented in specialized way. Looking back your journey with joy not confused.

Photo Walls on Your Hands

There is no need to post each photo on the wall. Once open YiMemory Photobook, a specialized photo wall is on your hands, and can be changed in one second!

Photowall Photobook 照片牆 相片書  印憶本
YiMemoryBook 相片書 LayFlat 印憶本

The Flatter The Better

Lay-Flat binding shows the cross-page photos seamlessly.

Selected materials Highest quality

About 1 millimeter thickness and special coating with a slight light, which makes the texture of the photobook higher.

相片書 印憶本 YiMemoryBook Photobook 印憶本
相片書 印憶本 YiMemoryBook Photobook 印憶本

A YiMemoryBook, Hundreds of Moments

Based on choice of different specs, photos can be uploaded from 20 to 120. YiMemoryBook can collect these numbers of moments for you forever!