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About us and about you

Remembrance is a memory warehouse, keeping a unique journey

Remember the school life when you were a child, the journey out of society, or the time with your family after marriage. How do you keep these memories?

We are blessed by this era, and at the same time we are cursed by information. In this era of technological advancement, everything has become too fast.

We store the memory photos in mobile phones, social media, or technology tools. Everyone can take a photo at will, but it can also be easily forgotten.

"This is an era in which it is easy to keep photos, but the easiest to forget"

So "Remembrance" was born.

We are committed to creating a photo book that allows people between the ages of 8 and 80 to quickly use photos to create a photo book of their own memories, which will be able to recall this journey in the next ten or twenty years.

It's a long, long way but it's worth it.

We are still creating our own journey, and we look forward to you sharing your journey story,

Let us keep together the most valuable journey in this world.