Privacy Policy

Date of Last Revision: 2020/09/10

This Privacy Policy explains what information Yi(“YiJian,” “we,” “us,” or “our”) collects, uses, shares, retains, and protects, and the choices you have. This Privacy Policy applies only to the websites, online services, and mobile applications (collectively the “Services”) where this Privacy Policy is posted. Your use of the Services is also subject to our Terms of Service. The terms may change please check regularly.


The personal data collected by "YI" is divided into two types: non-public data and public data:


Non-public information

When you become a "YI" member, The system will ask you to provide personal information, including personal information such as name, birthday, email, contact address, and phone number. These operations are only used to process orders and provide personalized services, please keep your account and password confidential.

Public information

Evaluate the network traffic of each page, when you browse the Internet, we will keep relevant records, including the IP address of the connected device you use, the time of use, the browser you use, browsing and click data logging, etc.



1. The user's personal data protected by this statement do not include the user's regular browsing.

2. If the personal information you provide is wrong or incorrect, this statement will not protect it.


Data sharing and disclosure methods:

1. We will not arbitrarily transfer your personal information to anyone, unless you have your consent or laws and regulations.

2. The following behavior, we will report to government agencies, the company will provide your personally identifiable information to government agencies, other people or companies:

a. You have got consent before sharing data.

b. Other people or companies share your information, to complete your service.

c. Government agency requirements.

d. Your behavior on the website violates the "YI" terms of service.


Data security

Your personal information, account and address in “YI” will be protected. Exclude you provide your personal information in discussion board, message area or other network services proactively, is not within our privacy protection policy.


Your registered account (email or other service provider such as Line, Google, and Apple) should be saved correctly. When you find any security issues with your account, you can contact us, we will assist you.

User profile update statement

1. You can change and update your personal account information at any time, including the right to receive notifications of special events or new products.

2. To protect your privacy and safety, we will send you one-time login link to your email when you login by email, please protect the security of your email.

3. In different situations, "YI" uses the popular standard SSL, ensure the security of data transmission, during shopping, all data is encrypted.



For user convenience, the website uses cookie technology, to provide the service users need; cookie is a technology used by web server to communicate with user's browser, used to identify users, if the user turns off the cookie, it may result in the inability to log into the website smoothly.


Privacy policy amendment

The company will revise the website policy at any time, if you have questions about the privacy terms of the website or personal information, please contact us via email.